Aora Chrome Nails Pigment Kit

Aora Chrome Nails Pigment Kit

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Aora Chrome Mirror Nails Pigment Kit


Feature:                                                                      Benefits:
-Product Inspired by Japan                                     -Highest Standard level of quality
-Smallest particle sizes.                                           -Easy and fast achievement of results 
-Most Latest Polymers Technology                        -Hip and generate more income
-Liquid polymers and Not Glitter flakes                 -Providing Chrome finish
-Aurora Finish                                                            -Change colors at every 45-degree angle
- Melt on  the  a-ora  base.                                       -Wouldn't fly everywhere and waste products.
-Registered legal imported                                      -No harm for your health

Of course like everything else, everything will look alike soon or later, but we can insure you the Safety,
Product Consistency and Achieving the best look of the Effect of aurora in a very short time without
spending much time for training. 

A-ora Kits came with 6 Chrome Aurora Finish an extra income at your finger tips.
1 little pot can use between 40~50 x 6 pots = 240~300 set of nails

How To Apply A-ORA:

1. Apply any color gel as you wish and cure, please follow the manufacture for curing time.  (For effect of Aurora best on black Gel and for Silver best on White Gel as the base). 

2. THIS IS THE MUST USE:   Apply 1 coat of A-ORA Base, cure 30 seconds depending on the power of your lamp. 

3. Use A-ORA color and apply to the nails with the applicator. Apply this as thin as possible with a little heavy strokes.

4. Bevel the free edges using any files (prefer 150 ~ 180 grits).

5.5. Apply A-ORA Top Gel and make sure to cover the edges for longest lasting and Cure for 1 minute.