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    Woodward Laboratories

    Dr's G Clear Nail 0.6 Oz. Display of 6

    Active agent kills bacteria, fungus, mold,  yeast and viruses. Patented delivery system penetrates to the site of  infection. No need to remove polish, acrylics or artificial nail  enhancements. No harsh acids, alcohols, or odors. No...

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    Nick Relief Styptic Powder 3g (24 pcs)

    Instantly stops the bleeding from razor nicks, minor cuts and abrasions. Convenient powdered formula may be quickly and easily applied with a moistened fingertip or Q-Tip. Flesh colored, leaves no powdery white residue. Ideal for professional...

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    Ultimate Professional Brow Kit

    The Ultimate Professional Brow Kit is an all-in-one kit that provides the professional with all the tools needed to create perfect brows in 5 easy steps. Just brush, trim, wax, tweeze and define the brows using clean+easy roll-on wax and Ardell...