G-Disposable Pedicure Pumice Kit  - 11 pcs

G-Disposable Pedicure Pumice Kit - 11 pcs

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G-Disposable Mini Nail File Buffer Pedicure Manicure Pumice Disposable Kit

 "Premium Quality Disposable Pedicure Manicure Kit "  File, Pusher,  buffer & pumice stone  "Keep Clean and Free of Infection Using.


About the Product:

 1 Sets of Disposable Kit:

  •  1 Pusher
  • 1 White Nail File
  • 1 Purple Buffer Mini
  • 1 Purple Mini Pumice

 Great for shaping and smoothing all types of nails.

These disposable kits are designed to make manicure and pedicure safe and clean.

Avoid re-using or sharing manicure tools with these personal kits.


Take one kit to your manicurist each time you do your nails. They will love to use these high quality products.